Adult Day Center

The center is committed to its mission: to enable people with memory loss to age in place with dignity by providing them with services that foster independence. The Tender provides a day center which provides a safe, structured environment for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease/dementia as well as a support group that provides education and resources to caregivers.

Benefits of an Adult Day Program

Adult day offers a win/win situation for everyone in the family—not only the client who attends the program, but also for the family member who has primary responsibility as caregiver. Adult day provides a much-needed respite for the caregiver, affording a break from the physical demands and stress of providing round-the-clock care.

Benefits for the older adult
For the client, The Tender’s Adult Day Center’s benefits can be extensive.

  • Provides a safe, secure environment in which to spend part of the day.
  • Offers socialization, creative expression and cognitive engagement.
  • Appropriate physical exercise can help to reduce falls.
  • Meaningful social interaction can improve both mental and physical health and help to prevent or delay cognitive decline.
  • Mental and social stimulation during the day can improve the quality of sleep at night.
  • Participation in adult day care activities may even enhance or maintain the clients’ level of independence, keeping them living at home longer by relieving caregiver fatigue and delaying escalation of dependence.
  • Adult day care offers the chance to build new friendships and enjoy peer support, helping to build self-esteem and rediscovering a purpose.

Benefits for the caregiver
Seeking support and maintaining your own health are key to managing your role as a caregiver, so it’s not selfish to use the services of an adult day center to give you some time to yourself. If you are overwhelmed by the daily grind of caregiving, your patience and compassion will wear thin, you will find it harder to connect with the person you are caring for, and you will probably both feel unfulfilled.

  • Taking regular breaks from the demands of caregiving can reduce your stress levels and help you to avoid burnout. By recharging your batteries, you will feel more energetic, focused, and reinvigorated about your caregiving role.
  • Using an adult day center can enable you to continue working, attend school, or devote more time to other family members.
  • Can give you peace of mind that your loved one is not home alone but is in a supervised and safe environment.
  • Taking time off is vital to your health and well-being and having time apart can help refresh and rejuvenate any relationship.
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One of the Moorestown Garden Clubs monthly projects.
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